November 16, 2010

About QTP

Quick Test Professional(QTP) is an automated testing tool that allows the automation of web application as well as client based computer application. It is mainly used for regression testing.

If you have ever tested client application of web sites manually, you are much familiar with the drawbacks of the same. Manual testing is a time consuming process and also requires a large investment in human resources. And in manual testing most of the times it is impossible to test each and every feature thoroughly, due to time constraints. So it makes the testers wondering whether serious bugs have gone undetected.
Automation testing with Quick Test Professional overcome these problems and speeds up the testing process. You can create test cases that checks all aspects of your application or web site and can run these test cases every time the application have gone through some changes i.e in Regression Testing.

Quick Test Professional uses VB Script as programming language. Test cases can be prepared either by recording the test through recording feature of QTP or by directly writing scripts for the test case.
When we record a test in QuickTest, it automatically creates a script for us. We can see the script in Expert View. Each time there is a change in the application under test, QTP records it as a new step in Keyword view and a new script line in Expert view.

Features of QTP:
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple interface.
  • Key word driven testing
  • Suitable for both client server and web based application
  • VB script as the script language
  • Better error handling mechanism
  • Excellent data driven testing features
  • Presents the test case as a business work flow to the tester (simpler to understand).
  • Uses a real programming language (Microsoft’s VB Script) with numerous resources available.
  • Quick Test Professional is significantly easier for a non-technical person to adapt to and create working with test cases, compared to other automation testing tool.
  • Data table integration better and easier to use than WinRunner.
  • Test Run Iterations/Data driving a test is easier and better implement with QuickTest.
  • Parameterization of test cases enables user to test features of application with different sets of data.
  • Can enhance existing QuickTest scripts without the “Application Under Test” being available; by using the Active Screen.
  • Can create and implement the Microsoft Object Model (Outlook objects, ADO objects, File System objects(FSO), supports DOM, WSH, etc.).
  • Better object identification mechanism.
  • Numerous existing functions available for implementation – both from within QuickTest Pro and VB Script.
  • QTP supports .NET development environment
  • XML support
  • The Test Report is more robust in QuickTest compared to WinRunner.
  • Integrates with WinRunner, LoadRunner and TestDirector (can kick off WinRunner scripts from QuickTest).

Testing Process in QTP

  1. Preparation of Recording
  2. Recording
  3. Enhancing the Test by
    • Inserting Checkpoints
    • Parameterizing Test case
    • Adding Various conditional statements
  1. Running test case
  2. Analyzing the test results
  3. Reporting Defects

You can refer QTP tutorial in HELP menu of Quick Test Professional(if you have installed QTP on your system) or can read/download QTP Tutorial online at to learn basics of QTP.